Reflecting back on the early past trying to get thing out as they cross my mind at times

Just take what you can from it and leave the rest. I'm new at this
support thing, but I'm trying. When I was growing up, being "bipolar" wasn't really heard that often,
or so it seemed since I was only a child. It seemed to always be
refered to as "crazy"(no offense to anyone intended, read on please).
I grew up in a home, with my mother, step-father, and two older
siblings. My mother, after years of abuse and isolation,after my older
siblings left home, she tryed to commit suicide. It was me, that came
down the stairs, that fought to keep the pills from going in her
mouth, that saved her life. I was only 12 years old. Things only got
worse from there, she continued to go down hill. She almost starved
herself to death. I begged to every Aunt and Uncle that would listen
to me, before her own brother had her admitted to a hospital. She was
manic depressive bipolar. After a 6 months hospital stay and
medications, she was on her way back to life. I was left in a
nightmare... my boyfriend decided to murder my step-father, the first
night we took my mom to the hospital.(another story). While she was
getting better, I was losing everything, including my mind. I went
into shock for a year, when I found out what my boyfriend had done. It
was unbelievable. We were just 16.
Well, I'm still here through it all, but my mom... I feel really
strong in saying she would not be alive today if it wasn't for my
hands and the strength of God. If anyone would have tried to take me
from my mom then, my mom may not still be here today. I'm glad I had
to live in that "H" hole, to save my mother because she was sick and
unable to do it herself. I realize it's not the place of a child to
protect the parent, but if it is an illness that is the root cause, be
careful not to neglect that fact. It is an illness. I am bipolar now,
hereditary or not, but I still have my mom. I actually have the mother
I knew " back in the day" before she was ever sick. I think of all the
things I could be missing, my children could be missing, and I thank
I held so much resentment toward my mother for awhile, then I realized
she could not be here to hold at all.

Wow. You have really been through a lot. I am new to this too. It takes so much courage to have gone through all of that and be thankful for what you do have. Even though my mom doesn't really know or understand my illness and she hasn't always been there- she is one of the most important people to me and my best friend. Thank you for posting your story.

From Mood Disorders to Bipolar Disorder