Reflux is getting progressively worse. i'm afraid all this t

reflux is getting progressively worse. i'm afraid all this time spent actively hating myself might have caused some permanent damage on my esophagus. the valve is loose and even water hardly stays down these days

Does drinking milk help to provide relief? Since everyone is different, this might work in your case.

eat some ginger root or maybe try some slippery elm in your tea help's with my stomach maybe it may help you.

oh gee..thank you so much for your advice, guys! i tried milk but it makes it even worse (if possible). i'll surely try the elm; it's worth a try.

@proudmaggot Milk, believe it or not, is quite acidic and can irritate reflux rather than soothe, like intuition would tell you.

didn't think it could be that bad. no more milk it is then. thank you!

Proud did u git my message?

Proud u need a GI Dr to scope u, evaluate the esophageal tissue, and advise u if surgery is needed to fix the valve.

yeah i thought about that option too. however my doc suggested a pharmaceutical therapy first. if it doesn't get better in a month or so, i'll request an actual evaluation. thank you for the message!

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