fellow supporters,
yes its been almost a week since my loss, im still uneasy, im still hurt , but... ive decided to have a memorial for my sons death with other first time miscarriage mothers, were gonna let balloons off in the sky, share our feelings and emotions about our losses and ive wrote a special letter to my baby boy and hopes god will give him , ive put in a bottle and im going to throw into the ocean, where our memorial will be ... the beach is the outlet of the world, and the door to my sons heart!!!! i love you jaiden your mommys biggest blessing ...

Jaidens Mommy<3

Hi JaidensMommy4ever, Glad to hear from you again. That sounds like great idea getting together with other first time mothers who have miscarried and sharing your feelings and letting balloons off in the air. Also writing a letter to your baby boy and putting it in a bottle and then in the ocean. It is a form of letting go and healing. Keep us posted on how all this works out for you. We are here for you. ((((hugs))))

Hello How are you thank you , i am very happy to be doing this!!

I know jaiden will enjoy the entertainment of attention he will be given on this day!!

I would like to share my loss with others and want others to do the same as well.

I love my son so much and i would do the unthinkable for him<3

Thank you for your support!!

jaidens Mommy<3

Hi JaidensMommy, I am doing great today. We recently bought a Seal Point Siamese. She is 2 months old. We have named her Sugar. It's a joy to watch her play. My 6 month old male tries to play with her. They are getting to know each other. She hisses when he tries to play with her. I have 2 older female cats. They are all adjusting well to our new little one.

How are you doing today? How did the memorial service go?