Relationship tips for the new year

just read this article with advice from different relationship experts and thought it is something good for us all to keep in mind when looking for that love in the new year:

"Yes, you'll start eating right and hit the gym more in 2011, but what about your love life? We asked eight people who spend their days thinking about other people's romances to suggest the relationship resolutions they'd like to see people make for the New Year.

"My relationship resolution for 2011 would be for daters to stay in the moment! Don't look back at what you've done wrong. Don't think ahead — as in, 'Is this person the one?' Just enjoy the moment and enjoy the person you're with."

— Patti Stanger, star of Bravo TV's "Millionaire Matchmaker" reality show

"To be honest with each other. About everything, including money. We see so many people that are hiding things from their partner, and that is always the downfall of the relationship, because nothing erodes trust faster."

— Deborah Y. Luxenberg, divorce lawyer with Luxenberg, Johnson & Dickens"

you can read the rest of the advice on this page:

So true & I watch Patti.

I have to say I'm not really a patti fan therefore taking advice from her is a bit far fetched for me :p

i’m really on the fence about patti and her show. there are some things she says that i agree with, like the whole living with a guy thing, but i don’t watch her enough.