Relationships 101

Relationships play a pivotal role in shaping our mental health. Positive, supportive relationships can significantly bolster our psychological well being. Healthy relationships, whether they are romantic, friendships, or family connections, can provide a foundation for building your self-esteem, fostering resilience, and promoting emotional growth.

On the other hand, relationships that are strained, toxic, or abusive can have detrimental effects on our mental health. They can lead to increased stress, anxiety, and feeling like we are unworthy somehow, and in some cases, exacerbate mental health conditions like depression. The dynamics of such relationships often involve poor communication, lack of respect, and emotional manipulation, which can erode an individual’s sense of self and well-being.

Communication is a key component in both creating and maintaining healthy relationships. Open, honest, and respectful communication helps us understand each other’s needs, how to resolve conflicts, and build strong emotional connection. It is also important to maintain individuality and personal boundaries in relationships, as this promotes mutual respect and understanding.

The lesson: the quality of our relationships profoundly impact our mental health. Engaging in healthy relationships and addressing challenges within them is not just beneficial for our mental well being but also essential for our overall life satisfaction and happiness.


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I feel like this is so relatable especially with my parents. My dad’s very controlling and emotionally abusive while my mom’s emotionally unavailable. I often have to deal with my negative emotions on my own and it’s hard. I get no emotional support from either of them and it makes me resent them. But then, they get mad when I don’t want to interact with them or open up.

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Don’t get me involved with my siblings. My brother memory is with a knife. My dad tells me to talk to him. But i rather stay away.

This is a sad, but oh so common coupling, one partner sucks the air out of the room so the other one just folds themselves smaller and smaller so they don’t take up any room. It is hard when this misfunctioning couple then adds kids to the mix, they don’t love each other, so there is no extra love to give. -SG

Are they unkind? -SG