Relative can't remember anything

Mother of fucking Christ… My grandfather got sent to a hospital because he’s become unable to remember where he is, who he is and now he’s waiting for a checkup. Yesterday was fine when we celebrated grandmother’s birthday and he looked okay, but now he’s all confused as fuck.

Could he have possibly injured his head somewhere? Amnesia seems unlikely though, especially at that age. The first thing that came to my mind was a seizure or stroke but since I don’t know his background or symptoms, I can’t say for sure. I think it’s usually unusual for that to happen so suddenly besides these two causes from what I’ve heard. Could be wrong. I’d wait to see if the doctors or nurses can get a report back on him.

Source: both of my parents work in the medical field

Doctors said that it could be a pre-stroke state and he’s now being treated in a special room, where patients with similar diseases are being taken care of. If he has injured his head, yes, he has when he had bladder issues earlier that resulted in him experiencing faintness by felling down on the ground that cracked his head so terrible that grandmother had to call the emergency to save him. :frowning:

Thats very scary. One of my biggest fears is to lose memory or other brain function. My mother had a stroke and lost about half her verbal ability. I hope that they can help him.

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I hope so too.

I’m so sorry! People, especially elders, can get UTI really fast and they can go septic and die pretty quickly so I’m so very glad grandfather went to get seen!

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I hope he fully recovers, my neighbor had a series of such bad UTIs she was sent to the psych ward it plagued her body and mind until they got her medication right.

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Thank you all! He’s now doing better and got his memories back.