Reminder for all you caregivers, self care is important! Fi

Reminder for all you caregivers, self care is important! Find something you love and make sure you take time to do it. Everyone needs a break if only for a short time. I am going to keep reminding you periodically because.....I need to remind myself too. Have a great day!

So true, I find that is so true especially as we are all together so much due to the pandemic.

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@CKBlossom I think our present situation has everyone a little crazy. It is definitely a different world we are living in. I was able to get out for my walk before work today. It felt great because as the afternoon kicks in, it is going to be 104 and climbing. (UGH) And there are less people around in the am.

It's hard for me to "find a break" from caregiving because I am one of the main caregiver to an elderly 92 year old lady with Alzheimer's. I feel as if I can never escape because she is my husband's grandma. It gets too much almost everyday. I just feel like running away from him and his family.

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@SnazzySnazzy Hello and welcome to the group. I think it is safe to say we have all felt like running away from time to time - perhaps more often than that. The Alzheimer’s dementia walk is a tough walk. Caring for them is hard. No question about it. Anyway we on this board can help. Please feel free to ask.

Caregiver for my mom. Hard for me to step away at all. I have so much anxiety. The only thing that gives me any solace right now is to be by her side.

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@TimothyD I feel for you sir. But remember even if it is 5 minutes. I once heard a video by a therapist and she suggested take time to use your senses. Take a few minutes to recognize what you see. Next what do you smell, maybe a candle? Maybe fresh air? Then take a minute to touch something in your house. She said this helps to calm one down. I thought it is free and worth a try.