Restaurants should be BANNED Or at least slightly healthy

I hate Restaurants SO much right now! UGH!

I had a bad start to the day restricting and barely ate enough for breakfast and lunch. So I was meeting some friends and we decided to go to dinner. Well I picked Ruby Tuesdays because I love their salad bar and last minute decided to get their veggie slider burgers as well. Go on a whim, just go for it. They were so good and I had a great time. Not really eating, I ate the WHOLE THING. When I got home and figured out the calories I had a meltdown! HOLY CRAP! I ate more than DOUBLE at dinner than I had my whole day! It was a VEGGIE BURGER! They should be healthy, at least you would think! I am so upset and pissed. I feel like my whole day is ruined.

Why are restaurants so terrible! I don't go often but seriously! I could make the same thing at home for HALF of the amount of calories if not less. I just can't get over it. That is utterly disgusting. I seriously hate restaurants and I just am not going for a LONG time. It makes me feel like my whole day is ruined and then I just want to binge. I just can feel it coming...

I might as well just go with my instincts. I am never going to just go on a whim and get something! I can't. I tried to be normal, just get something you would like...never again.

Has any one else had this issue????


Allee....'healthy' doesn't have to be low calorie. A calorie is a unit of energy. We all need energy. I hope you can think more about the enjoyment you had while eating, rather than the calories [energy] you ingested.
A calorie is a calorie is a calorie...types of food are truly not used differently by your body, at least in terms of using the food as energy. I'm not arguing the need for vitamins, etc., but eating 'healthy' can often lead to illness, when you think of how it can be taken to the extreme.
Please try to let it go. Don't allow food to ruin your day. If you choose to binge, there is no way you can blame it on the restaurant. The food is not what is setting you off, it's your belief system about what is acceptable. Please be gentle with yourself....HUGS..Jan ♥

OH! I kind of see what you mean. I never thought of it to look at it that way. A calorie is just energy I need. I mean I always learned it that way in nursing and nutrition but I always overrode that thought that it was evil that you didn't need. Its weird how I twisted it differently for myself. Thank you Jan for giving me a different perspective.

And I am just enjoying the time I had with my friends. It wasn't about the food. It was a meal I needed to have energy, to stay healthy.


Also remember Allee... you hardly ate anything for breakfast and lunch. When you do that to yourself your body becomes MORE hungry because you've prolonged giving it the energy it needs...and eventually, your body will win.

It is true that restaurants do have some not so healthy options, but you don't go to it all the time. Restaurants are a treat, and meant for you to enjoy something you wouldn't usually eat...and honestly...out of curiosity I looked up the so called terrible veggie burgers...that's not really that much hun. Seems like the perfect amount for a meal.

As for the would that help the feelings you have now? What is binging going to solve? I know for me, binging just always made me feel worse.

You should be proud of yourself for trying something new! That's what recovery is all about! Let yourself enjoy food :)

I also agree with what Jan said about calories, and I'm glad you agreed with her.

Stay strong,
Paige xoxo