Reuniting with family from the past

I was sitting at my computer yesterday when I thought to look my step-sister up on Facebook. I found her and some of my other step-family. I hadn't seen them in years. My mom and step-dad parted when I was around 20. It has been great seeing them again and talking with them.

WOW so COOL, Facebook seems a good place for people to find people.

About a month ago, a childhood friend who hurt me bad, like drugs and gave me fake drugs to laugh at me, she would run away and the police come to my house, drinking, told me a boy liked me that did not but more there, acted like my friend but always teased me and made people dislike me, just the typical...

ONCE, I was the GOOD CHILD and she a Evil BAD Child ;-) YES ONCE I was consided the good one...

She saw my brother on FB, I got my mother on there and him now, and she found him and asked if she could talk to me, so my brother told me about it via email and I talked to her on FB.

She wanted to say she was SORRY for all she did to me.

NO JOKE, Sorry for all she did to me...

I was shocked and it was nice.

Part of Healing, Admit your mistakes and simply say Sorry and try to make better !