Right leg below the knee amputee as of August 9th,2020. Seve

Right leg below the knee amputee as of August 9th,2020. Severe anxiety, depression and PLP plaguing me on a daily basis. I’m not crazy as I know I can feel my toes and spasms in my foot that I know is no longer there. Having this happen due to a freak accident due to my being a klutz has been so difficult on everyone and everything I know. It feels like I’m all alone with no one to talk to that can empathize in the least bit as I’m the first person in our family to have had this happen. I t is rare to see any amputees in my area that are closer to my age and it makes me feel so alone more and more everyday. If there is anyone in the Fargo , North Dakota area that is also an amputee I would love to hear about your experiences with these life changes to help me along the way towards recovery. Any advice as to where I could get any help to get equipment or modifications on my home would be greatly appreciated.

Are you eligible for pt and have you considered therapy? I know I have seen videos where amputees' put mirrors up and see their other leg and "scratch" or "massage" their missing limb in the mirror and it tricks the brain into feeling like the issue has been dealt with.

I will be starting pt on the 7th of April and have been doing other types of therapy work since the day after my amputation. The issue I’m having with the pain is I was having spasms and on medicine for them before this accident due to other health issues. I was feeling my leg right away as if it was still there though the issue is the pain as it feels exactly like it did right before it was removed and that is the pain that is continuing otherwise the other sensations do not bother me as much as I am well aware that my leg is no longer there. I’m guessing the issue is more the painful episodes and I’m not sure if more therapy will eventually ease it to a tolerable level.
I’m in therapy and was long before this happened due to a severe depressive disorder, PTSD, and anxiety. Needless to say this accident has not helped and has setback the progress I was making adding another life changing issue to deal with. Thank you for your advice and I might try the mirror thing though my brain seems to be very well aware of the loss I think it’s more the dealing with it as multiple surgical procedures have already taken so much and this just added to the difficulty my family and I have been enduring.
God bless you all and may your recovery be safe and healthy mentally,emotionally and physically.

Hang in there, things will get better, it’s a loss, you grieve and then you accept. Easier said then done, but time has the ability to work wonders, stay positive!