Right or wrong?

so my fienca alays ask me to rub her back well i do but then she says i dont rub it right ether i do it to hard or to soft i ask her to show me how she likes it and i try it my self but when i do it i feel like im not rubbing her at all, so about 5 mins of rubing her back she ask me to rub her legs same thing im not doing it right so then about 10 mins she will ask me to rub her feet i dont like feet much but i still do it and the same thing i dont know how to do it right i have never had a complant from a girl at all when i do this i dont know if its me or her but then i stop doing it competly because she puts me down and says i dont do it well i will have to go and get a real maeage guy to do it witch thats ok but then she says her friend matt knows how to do it alot better so am i wrong for not rubbing her???? i dont know how to feel


yes thats fine i get on at work tho so i am in and out but i get on about 12pm to about 5am so just keep writing ill write back

Why don't you get her to do it you...so it will exactly demonstrate what she wants done...could be fun too. And don't worry about it, so much...it's great you are putting in such an effort.

I know it can be hard when you really are trying, but just be patient and have fun together you'll get it. I think the most import thing is just relaxing together.

Love and luck to you
MG x

PS..I'm not a big fan of feet either

i try that but she will not rub me at all she wants it all the time but will never rub me

flickter, i would be getting fed up with all the rubbing and never none in return, and feet too?! im a female, but to be so whinny, never. an the part about friend matt, that would really "rub" me the wrong way. i would say rub yourself or get matt to do it.