Is it okay to take a risk (or moreso a leap of faith) and try your hand at a new job? Something you’ve never done before…?

I’d say my biggest fear rather than possibly being more miserable than I am now, is actually that I’ll waste the employer’s time or my own if I end up hating it.

Though I’ve been getting sign after sign telling me to move on from this current occupational h3llhole.

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Sometimes it is worth jumping when there is nothing holding you back. The worst that happens is you don’t like it and you find something new. The best, you love it and can’t believe you ever doubted yourself. -SG

Leap! You might find that this is the best thing ever or just okay, but staying doesn’t sound fun and leaving is at least a new adventure.

Well, when the alternative is staying miserable and wondering if things would be better on the other side the whole time, maybe taking the leap is the right choice, especially if your gut is saying you should. It’s generally a good idea to listen to your gut feelings.