Ritalin Addiction

I have been on Ritalin for awhile. I have never abused it until recently. I snorted it a couple of times, but no big deal. Now I am out of control. Last week I called a friend and my husband (whose in San Diego) to help me. At this point they think I am ok. But I managed to get another script from my doctor for 90-10mg I filled the script last Friday, and at this point the script is almost gone. About 5 years ago I had a severe addiction to cocaine and had to move 500 miles away to get over that addiction. I need to stop this. I went from cocaine to vicodin to percocet. I've stopped all but the ritalin. I have no idea how many I've snorted today, but I'm sure its enough to kill some people. I need to figure out how to get past this. Right now I am as high as I have ever been, I want to come down, but not sure how. I have to work in the morning, so I guess we will see. Sorry for the rambling, but I just am typing all that I am thinking. Someone please tell me what to do.

When I told my friend and my husband, I was hoping they would do what I don't have the strength to do...send me to rehab. But they believed me when I told them that I was ok. And look at me now, I'm online trying to find something.

Thank you for any help!

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Thanks for rambling & I'm from CA. San Diego county originally. YOU already have the answer, NOW go take the steps to getting help, you can do it, talk w/hubby again, BE HONEST & maybe he'll stand by your side while you seek the attention/treatment that you so necessarily need to LIVE & BE HERE, you know you want IT, c'mon now, it'll be difficult & you know that & thank goodness your finding HELP, I admire you for that, START TODAY, START setting up....you dont want to feel this way anymore.


No I don't..Just not sure how to do it...Any advice? The cravings are what is killing me.

I have been searching for help in my area with no help. Just not sure what to do now. I know that once this binge is over with I will be ok...its just getting through this binge. Then getting the help I desperately need. I know I can do it...just hard to admit to all around me what I have been doing to myself.

Hang in there!!!


You can do this.

Keep busy....get rest....eat!! Get some support....NA maybe...

feel free to pm me....i am going to bed soon as must work in the morning but i will sure be glad to talk to you!

Also you can check out



i dont have a lot of experience with either of those rooms but they are VERY active and you will find support there right now...

i know of some online support for meth and coke as well....meth was my thing more than anything else, so i got several sites i could refer you to....

thinking of you...

Anything would be extremely helpful! I appreciate it...I don't understand why I cannot kick this habit? I mean I kicked the cocaine habit, and the percocet habit. Who knows, I think that I just have one of those addictive personalities.

Listen to joker_girl she's pointing the way for you & tell somebody so they can stand with you through this.

I have an addictive personality too, when it comes to stimulants....

You said your grandma just recently died...that is probably what is making you want to do drugs...it is stress....

It is real hard for me to change my thinking too....as soon as I get worked up about something, or I am bored, or I am lonely, my first reaction is to want to get high to numb it up. It is hard to learn new ways to deal with problems! I am still struggling. I have been clean off of meth a little over a year, but I have done cocaine once and I have snorted Ritalin/Adderall at least 3 different times....every time it happened I was stressed out!

You got to figure out what things trigger you and avoid them. For me, it is stressed/bored/tired/pissed off/ hungry/lonely.

It is a catch 22 when these meds help SO MUCH when taken the way they are supposed to be....can someone hang onto them and dole them out one at a time to you? So you are not tempted? Also, there is the possibility your dose is not correct and you are self medicating. If you think that is a possibility, you may need to talk to your doctor.


email me any time!!!!

I do not know your particular situation, but I understand this pain and I want you to know that I care!

Also, Ritalin will have you jonesing BAD....it is just like coke in that respect IMO....except it lasts a lot longer.

You beat coke and you can beat this!

There is no shame! You are trying to get help and stop...that's commendable.

As someone wise said to me once...

You are not a bad person trying to become good.

You are a sick person trying to become well!

Let the guilt go and do what you have to do so that you are not a slave to this!


I'm in the same boat with the ritalin. I'm prescribed 3 20mg. daily. I need or take approx. 200 mg. daily. Around 10-15 a day. When I get up I snort at least 4. Then every couple hours I snort 2 more until bedtime. I will even take one or two after midnight cause I don't want to go to bed. But, I do. I've been doing this for about a year and half now. I'm ready for rehab. I have no choice. I can't afford this addiction. I think it's the "snorting" I'm addicted to. All I know is my life is in chaos. I'm 44 yrs. old and have 3 awesome grandchild. I need to get my life together but when I do, I find myself bored, tired, lonely, and depressed. Sorry to go on and on about my addiction. This is my first time at this site and my first time discussing my addiction online. Regarding your situation, your not alone and not a bad person.

Fallinstarzz I am so glad you are here!

Keep posting and hang in there!!!!

I know it is hard!!! You can stop this though. It takes courage to want to stop!

I understand what you mean about snorting and being addicted to that. It is hard for me to watch people snorting drugs in a movie or on TV. I took great pleasure in snorting cocaine (which Ritalin is a whole lot like)...not so much pleasure in snorting speed, which hurts...but eventually I grew to like the burn and the drip.

If you could talk to someone about this, someone whom you trust.

If you are ready to stop, thankfully your withdrawal will be pain free (unlike those who are addicted to opiates and benzodiazapines)! Expect to be tired, hungry, and a bit depressed and not able to "think right" for a while (just kind of fuzzy in the brain). It will be like withdrawing from speed or cocaine. Be gentle to yourself, make sure you have a few days where you don't have to work and that you can rest and not have a lot of stresses put on you.

One beautiful thing....though amphetamines/cocaine/ritalin ALL cause your brain to pour out dopamine (which is why it feels good)...amphetamines DESTROY your dopamine....which takes alot of time to rebuild. That is why meth heads feel so depressed for a long time after. BUT...ritalin/methylphenidate is actually NEUROPROTECTIVE (it's TRUE!...look it up!)!! That is GREAT because it does not DESTROY your dopamine like meth does! That means you will be able to bounce back much more quickly!!!

Hang in there and please keep posting! You can do this! You don't have to be a slave anymore!!!


Wow, i just found this thread. This is exactly what i'm going through. I think it's the snorting i'm adicted to as well. Plus I think I'm substituting it for cigarettes. I used to smoke, so now instead of going outside to have a smoke I just have another snort.

I have to tell my daughter, so she can help me limit them to the 6 a day I'm meant to have, and then hopefully after awile i can wean off all together.

But I've always been adicted to something my entire life. It started with cigs, and then alcohol, then pot and now ritalin. If only I could kick this.

Any suggestions please. i mentioned on my other post that rehab isn't an option as they don't think I'm sick enough.

here's hoping for any advice