Rough couple days

Hi all,Had my 3rd round Treanda/Rituxan Monday and Tuesday and bones are killing me.Then I feel this headache brewing just on one side again.Spent the last few days resting hoping for some relief.I think my hair is also thinning which was not supposed to happen.Onc wants to do 6 treatments in all but says he will stop if these side effects don't subside.After uping the Dexamethasone from 4 to 8mgs though things would go smoother this time.All I end up with is a big round red face,no bunny hop here.Hope you are all fairing better for the Easter holiday.Blessings,MicheleDx95FNHL3

Michele, I am so sorry for your bones hurting and that headache. I hope by the time you read my post, you're felling much better!
I pray that these symptoms are released from you.

May spring weather bring sunshine to you!
Troubles shared are half the trouble and
Joys shared are twice the joy!

May angels fill your days with joy!

That is the feeling I got this last time. Ibuprophen did help the achy bones, my headache was a whopper and the Ibup. helped that also. Hope you are feeling better for Easter. I'm not hopping either, are we getting old??

Good morning! I know I'm getting old! lol!
If I hop, it has to be low impact! ha, ha

Happy Easter.

Sending healing hugs to you both! : )


I am so sorry that you are hurting and hope that you feel better SOON! I got my "round face" from prednisone but finally the benedryl got rid of it--definitely no fun! My bone pain came from the shot that boosts white cells. So I have empathy for you on that one, too. Next chemo is Tuesday so I'll probably get these symptoms all over again.

Prayers and good thoughts,


PS: I am slowly losing my hair, but the CHOP chemo was supposed to do that. I hope that you do not lose any more!

Hi Hollyanna,Yes just about the time we get half feeling right it’s that time again.Dreadful!Losing my hair with Chop was not pleasant my heart goes out to you.Top of my head became very tender and I froze all the time.Made me look at bald men differently.Not a down day person so not being active for me is tough.Hope you have a blessed Easter,Michele Dx95FNHL3

Managed to rough it through the holiday with a little less pain yesterday.Haven't seen my flat tummy in awhile and know when I see that relief is here.Was sitting on the porch listening to the red birds singing and thought maybe it's time to take a new approach.Maybe too much laying around need to give myself a little push to do some light spring cleaning.I know by moving around more some problems will resolve.Used to be a real nut when it came to spring cleaning,every speck of dirt had to go.Crazy!Expecting another week of rain here so don't know many blankets,curtains will get hung outside.I just love that smell especially sheets.Well folks hope you can get your plan in play and each new day is a brighter one .Sending healing thoughts,Michele Dx95FNHL3

Hi everyone, I used to try and clean every spec of dust but...I gave that up now I hope for basic clean and semi organized. Would rather expend my energy what little I have these days on other things. Easter was very nice but too busy for me, need a day of rest today!! Hope everyone else had a wonderful Easter.

Hi, Michele. I need to do some spring cleaning, too! lol
Oh, i just love the smell of sheets that were hung outside.

Glad you're getting up and hope that you get some needed relief.
You deserve it.

might be sunnier here tomorrow.
The sun'll come out tomorrow... I'm singing that song from Annie.
Probably a good thing you guys can't hear me! lol! : D

Have a wonderful week!

Hey Michele, I hope that you are feeling better today. Its raining here. Waiting on the thunder storms.. Yes I too love the smellof fresh laundry. when I was a lil girl my grandma always hung the clothes on the line was so fresh. I hope the rest of your treatments go more smoothly and that no more of your hair falls out. My thoughts and prayers are with you, all of you.
I'm not feeln great today had rough night of sweats. Finished up last round of Rituxan friday now have to hav pet and mri to see if Im going to go to the hosp for high dose chemo.. Hope not..Im so tired, and my heads been so whoosy and it makes me nauseus. Well itl get better in time. ....JO

Hi guys- Jo Baby sorry you aren't feeling well today, I am lucky when I get the sweats,flashes, I get them during the day. Sweatshirt on, sweatshirt off. Much easier than being woke up and changing sheets. Sun always makes me feel better, and the sun is out in full force today here, the temp is suppose to get to the 60's, wonderful day. Rain tomorrow and 40's, that's wisconsin for ya. Is the Methotrexate you call high dose? Or something else? Wow girl you have been through the ringer. Sure hope all your scans come back wonderful and you can be done, sounds like you need an end to this mess. My prayers are being directed your way for strength and good news, HUGS!

Hey Nature I did hear someone singing outside, however our sun is out today and rain tomorrow, tomorrow... can't hang anything out anymore tornado took the clothes lines and we haven't replaced them , not sure if we are gonna. Love the smell but allergis to the pollens and value my sleep these days!

Michelle- sure hope you start feeling better it stinks to be in pain you can't do much about. This will to pass for all of us and we will be done with all the treatments and misery they cause and be able to play normal for awhile.

Drs. office called this am and said I needed to be off of work until Sept. 1st. That seems to be an awful long time, I will be crazy by then. Hopefully it won't take that long to recover and get back enough strength to go back to work! Now if I was rich and felt good, I could plan a trip and enjoy my time such luck! Oh well be glad I can afford the time off I really need.

Take care everyone and hope everyone feels better soon! HUGS and Prayers!


Hi, Jo. I'm so sorry you're going through all this.
prayers that you get your bounce back and that you don't have to go in the hospital.
Wish i could just bring dinner over to you and Michele.
(actually, i don't do much cookin' with all this vision loss, but I used to bake and take casseroles to people.)

Please take it easy, Ok?

Thanks Kathy, Ya Methotrexate though he did mention another one to that I dont remember, but what ever will be will be, its been raining all day and doesnt look like sun til friday....YUK, well hopw everyone is feeln better today than yesterday......JO

Hi, Everyone.
Wow, each of you are so strong!
Hang in there, ok? It will be worth it when you’re done.

Praying symptoms are relieved and that everyone has a nice cool sleep all night.
Doesn’t that sound great?

Wish i could just pop in with some sunny daffodils for everyone! Like instant sunshine!

All the best!

ya my mom and husband planted tulips daffidils and hyesin for me and then it snowed the next day. 85 one day and 30 the next BOOOO.. Hopefully all this rain will bring may flowers......JO

Oh, Jo! Boooo is right! Snow on those pretty posies! That's not fair.

so, sending warm sunny thoughts to you and your new flowers.

Yes! Snow showers will bring May flowers!

Hope everyone has a good night and an even better day tomorrow. : )

I don't care for this new change looks like you have to subscribe to the thread and or the person writing it. Very confusing ,I lost all of my "watched posts" and the line I clicked on to find them. Boy what a nasty thing to do to a bunch of chemo inundated brains. It is hard enough to figure out the other system but now change it worse??

Here's hoping we all can find each other for support again. HUGS and prayers to everyone hoping tomorrow will be a good day for all.

Hi! Yes, i lost all my Watched Posts, too and now I can't tell if there is a new post even on the new ones I've just subscribed to...
I think we can either subscribe to the person (and everything they write?) OR to just that thread. I'm guessing here.

anyway, sweet dreams to all.
Tomorrow will be a new day.

Hey Everyone,Guess I'm not getting all my posts either as I didn't receive any of these last few.Jo..Hope your flowers survived,that's awful weather.Rascal..I'm with you about any changes,have a rough time just keeping my focus with life in general.Kathy..will try and stay on top of posts and e-mail you.My rash is getting more and more out of control it is behind my ears and spreading across my neck has already spread across most of my back.So with that said I will guess I'm going to be done doing treatment.Really ticks me off as the drug is working so well.Onc already had said at last treatment we will need to stop if side effects continue.Today I woke up to two really sore raised spots on my arm.Have no clue what is causing this.Just a new adventure every day.Wishing you all a good day.Healing thoughts to all,Michele DX95 FNHL3

OH Michelle I am so sorry that you are having side effects to the point of needing to stop treatment. Do they have another to try?? If they do I hope it works as well.

I found my list again, click om "My Posts" and it takes you to the watched posts from before and the notifications are there. I have been subscribing to all of everyone's posts also but I am not sure why OH well I will, and then hopefully I will keep finding everyone!

JO it was snowing here today again...but now it is all gone YAAAA! Your flowers should survive , just like you they are tough !! They smell wonderful too.

HUGS and Prayers to all!! Waiting for SUNSHINE!!!