Running Away

I'm scared that I'll never be able to become better at handling my worries, and that I'll always be a victim to a certain extent. I refuse to become drug dependent because I've seen how addictive it is. I just wish there were better ways to cope with deep-rooted issues that created this anxiety, and that life wasn't so fast-paced so that I could slow down a bit to recognize it in the first place. I'm at a loss in identifying how to deal when this anxiety runs so deep and is so crippling that I can hardly breathe.

How does one go about change? And do we need to change our entire lifestyle just to make things better?.. How do we face ourselves when it seems as if there's no time? How does one slow down when they race in order to run away in the first place?

It happens w/ time, age & wisdom & learning about yourself from within, your strengths & your limitations, respecting yourself for all your accomplishments thus far in life & learning how to decompress for your mental well being. What ever helps you to feel more relaxed, shutting off all technology, watch a tree blow in the breeze, take a walk if you create time to do so, read if thats your thing, find what it is that YOU enjoy. Behavior modification is good & one has to be consistant, there are no quick fixes in life, its all a process.


Have you sought out a local support group? I am sure there is something available to you.

Other than that, April has some very sound advice.

Also, you could seek out professional help via a therapist and a physiatrist. Psychiatrists don't always prescribe meds. They do have alternative therapies in their arsenal of remedies that work.

If a doctor does want to prescribe you something after you told him/her about how you feel about drugs, then you should consider it. Medications can really be worth it.

Good luck.

hi freewilly!

it is hard not to let anxiety take over. I get horrible stress and would let it run my days, now i force myself to take breaks and take time to myself, even if i don’t finish something for work or personally. i realized that in order to feel better i have to get out, shut the brain off and do things for me. and doing that makes me a better friend, i feel better about myself too.

so during the day or after work i will get outside, go for a walk or run. or maybe go and grab a glass of wine with a friend. I tell myself that work will always be there, but i won’t be able to do it if i don’t have my health, a clear mind and good friends.

Take the time to breath and find a hobby that you like whether it is going for walks, doing yoga, meeting with friends.

Wishing you all the best, please let us know how you are doing.