Running through my mind

i breath in, i breath out
one heart beat, two
one step, one cycle
one tear, one scream
tired, no comfort
i thought i was safe here
i thought he loved me
i thought i was his daughter
he says he's given up on me
he yells
he threatens to hit me
another breath, hopefully the last
my heart jerks
more tears, more heart beats, more seconds
more bruises i cause
more scars
more blood
this is not a home
no one loves me
no one says they love me
my mom wants to love me
daddy will get mad if she sides with me though
more blood
i just want to sleep
can anybody hear me?
someone please catch me
no one gets to come in
folded and unfolded and unfolding
keep on running
keep on searching
for myself
breathing only for him only
i miss him
trapped beneath the ice
the thick thick ice
snowflakes breaking
putting the tears i want to cry
on my cheeks
dripping from my eyelashes.......

i'm running through my mind
and this is what i found


thanks . . .