s~g is a mess.

Emails made public for God knows how long. No control over deleting your own posts.

I made this account years ago- When I really needed a place to talk about some very difficult things. This was before I had a therapist to talk to.

Last summer, I made an effort to scroll as far back as i could on this site and delete every post i made divulging specifics of the abuse I had suffered. I made a final post about dealing with trauma, and thought nothing of it, because at THAT TIME, my email wasn’t viewable to everybody, i had anonymity.

Fast forward to tonight. I log in because I felt the need to vent about something entirely unrelated and- WHAT?!?! How long has my email been public??!? I rush to delete my most recent post about trauma- and I CAN’T. This is absolutely horrifying. I have to ask permission to delete my own post about an extremely personal Post.


I want to delete my profile and start fresh but guess what? That’s ALSO IMPOSSIBLE! GREAT!

I know this site was in need of an overhaul, so i’m glad that it’s been taken over by a team that’s interested in bringing SG into the modern age. But HOW DID YOU GUYS SCREW IT UP THIS BADLY??? :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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*i changed my email address before creating this post, for the record.

@strawberrymoon Security is something we take seriously and this issue, while not displaying emails, the new platform did take a portion of emails and added numbers and created a new username. We are still working on this. New site, new issues. We are so glad members are letting us know about issues, we are working on them daily.

As to editing, this has been fixed, you can edit. As to deleting, the reason you can’t do that anymore is because if you choose to delete a post, all the comments disappear. That is a rule we can’t change as it is built into the platform SG is built on.

We treasure all our members and we thank you for your support. -SG

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I appreciate the response and I can see that the SG team is working hard on fixing issues. Last night, the edit function wasn’t working. I flagged my post and gave my explanation and the post was taken down sometime today. After reading your reply I attempted an edit on this post, and it worked!

I just don’t understand the post deleting rule that came built into the platform. I never had an issue deleting my SG posts in the past so that comes as a shock.

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We are asking our development team if there is any workaround with the delete function, but as to editing, yes, it works, flag something and give us your reason, even if it is, “I want it gone” and we will delete it and anything else you think of, please let us know. Thank you-SG

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Deleting now works :grinning: -SG

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Does the deleting only work for posts that are made from now on? I tried deleting some of my old posts and it still doesn’t work.

We believe there is a time limit, but if you need anything deleted from the past, feel free to flag it with an explanation. -SG

Is there a time limit on new posts from here on out as well?

We will check in with the development team. -SG

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