Sad about not having a family

Anyone else out there trying to come to terms with being single and the ticking of their biological clock? I am 38, single, and desperately want to have a family. I want to experience being pregnant. My friend told me I need to come to terms with being alone. How does one do that? My career involves kids, I'm surrounded by kids, all I've ever wanted is kids. I've explored my options. Adoption costs money I don't have. Taking out a loan and then having to come up with money for daycare - I already work 2 jobs just to support myself. I can't get comfortable with the idea of a sperm donor. And really, I don't want to raise kids alone - I want a partner. I'm lonely, so how do I come to terms with being alone?

There is a man who, if I'm being honest, I am in love with. We dated once, it was going great, and out of the blue he broke up with me. His reasons didn't make sense at the time and the only thing that made any sense to me is that he got freaked out. He dated someone else for awhile, we didn't talk, and then he started texting me again. He wanted to see me, we hooked up, he told me he never stopped liking me but things weren't right in his life and he isn't ready for a relationship. I do believe he is trying to honest, he really is a good guy. So now I just have to hope that if it's meant to be he will come back to me. It hurts though. I also just lost my dog and my cat to cancer within a couple months of each other. I feel broken down and hopeless.

Hi Tulip, thank you so much for sharing your story. I can totally and completely relate to you, as I am in my late 30s and single. I just started dating slowly but surely, because I finally made it a priority in my life. The only thing that has given me peace of mind is that several friends of mine had their first children naturally in their late 30s and early 40s. I never believed that I would be in my late 30s without children, but here I am and this is where life has brought me. It's up to us to continue believing that we will have healthy children and the family that we have always dreamed of. I know that you will have this in your life, you have such an incredibly positive outlook and attitude. I most especially love your outlook on the man who has come back into your life. I know that if he is the right one for you, then he will most certainly come back. Sometimes we need to allow them the space to go through what they need to go through. I truly believe that life is all about timing, I've seen it to be true with my friends time and time again.

As well, I am truly sorry for your loss, and although I know that no pets will ever replace them as they were so special and unique, can you possibly look into getting a pet for yourself now. I am on the path to looking for a new place slowly but surely that will allow me to get a dog to combat a bit of my loneliness. I have such a passion for and love of dogs, they truly make me so happy. Thus far, I've had the pleasure of playing with dogs in my neighborhood, where even a few minutes with them makes me so happy.

I am praying for you, for all of your dreams of having a beautiful healthy family to come true. I know that you will have all of your dreams fulfilled and so much more.