Sad and alone, I just got my results yesterday and I feel nu

Sad and alone, I just got my results yesterday and I feel numb, I feel like, not to be dramatic but my normal life is over. Me and my ex broke up in January and we were just starting to get close again, he’s not the one who gave it to me but now I feel like he won’t want to be with me again anymore. It sucks cause I truly love him and he’s my best friend but I can’t even look him in the face anymore, I can’t even look at myself in the mirror without feeling disgusted. I feel lost, like I lost apart of me that I will never get back….why isn’t HSV curable yet.

Me and you have kind of a similar situation. But I have decided to tell my ex I just want to be his friend as that’s where I saw the relationship going before seeing my results yesterday. I don’t want him completely out of my life but I can’t bare to tell him this news. On the bright side looking at other post on here has helped me to see maybe having HSV is not that bad. It is a little hard to see but I know that we can and will live normal lives and everything will be okay. It helps that outside of this group my mother has been really supportive and helpful in showing me that everything will be ok and if you’d allow me to I’d like to be a friend to you and help you get through this and we can help each other.

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@Jussomeone I would love to be your friend cause I’m struggling really bad. You telling me everything’s gonna be ok meant so much to me. I kinda knew I had it a couple of days before I got tested then after she swabbed me it was just confirmation, but I kept denying saying ooh it’s something else I just had an allergic reaction to something and then when I got my test results. There was no more denying I just felt embarrassed and ashamed and disgusted with myself. Last night I found this support group and I just started reading and felt slightly less negative.

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@Iamhuman98 Welcome to the group. Please read the handbook at the top and the posts from others who are or were going through what you are going through now. It is normal to feel like your world has changed but the reality is nothing like hype. HSV is a lot more like a bad case of acne than cancer. A lot of people have HSV, most without knowing it because it really is not as bad as it seems. Yes you will make some changes but many will be for the better on the journey to your new normal that will be a lot like your old normal. And yes that can include love, happiness, and having a family if that is what you want. Good luck on your journey.

I was struggling with the news as well. I was feeling the same way until I realized that there is no need to feel embarrassed or ashamed because you didn’t know that the person who gave you HSV had it , it’s a strong possibility that they didn’t know themselves. Just because we may get some bumps here and there doesn’t mean we are dirty or sleep around a lot or anything like that. I’m just glad it wasn’t worse, this isn’t anything life threatening and we can and will find love one day if you are worried about that as well.

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@Jussomeone Welcome to the group. Thanks for your posts. While finding out can be devastating the reality is nothing like the hype. I like to think of HSV as a bad and shareable but treatable case of acne. Because that is what it is in practice for the vast majority of people once they have adjusted. Good luck on your journey to a new normal that will be a lot like your old normal.

Welcome to the group!
hopefully as you continue to read the posts here, you will see:
1) you are not alone
2) there are many success stories!
3) you can't be further from the truth and YOU are your worst enemy!

after having HSV2 Gen for 37 years, my past has proven to me that HSV will:
1) help you live a healthier lifestyle
2) help you weed out those who are less than worthy of you
3) force you to become wiser and you shall learn more about life with HSV.

your life is far from over! your life will be what YOU make it!
we have all fallen, but the true warrior is the one who picks themselves back up to fight another day!

@Jussomeone: Nicely stated! Thanks for posting!

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Thank you guys for your support, it really means so much, I’m still extremely sad and doing a lot of self-loathing, wishing I done things differently but reading you guys post helps so much, I just hope I can make it on the other side of this dark state I’m in.

@Iamhuman98. You can and will make it through this. I know it seems really bad but the reality is usually far easier to deal with than the worries in our heads. HSV really is a bad case of shareable but treatable acne. Take it easy and in time you will realize that it is not the horrible thing you imagine. It will take time but you can and will make it through.