Sad, and that I've let my wife down too many times, it start

Sad, and that I've let my wife down too many times, it started a few years ago, I'm now 50 and every time it happens it makes her feel worse and me more guilty, I've been to my GP who gave me Viagra which works but the other day it failed. I don't know why but maybe because we ate before I took it, now we're in the place where it's happened which makes her feel crappy, and I feel guilty but unsupported because my wife's opinion is that it's her fault and that I don't want her anymore. I try to say that I can't help it but it doesn't make things better between us. I do desire her and have bought more generic Viagra to help but after it failed the other day it's set us back again.

Have you considered adding toys or perhaps seeing an intimacy therapist? It isn't your fault, it is a health condition and it can also be a mental health issue. I would discuss this with your doctor again as Viagra should work and if it doesn't it could be something else at play.

Many thanks all. I just feel rock bottom right now. My wife is insistent that my ED is because I no longer desire her, I’ve been drinking all day, and so has she. My 10 year old daughter came downstairs to me in tears because my wife was unconscious on the bathroom floor, she has tried to take an overdose before, blaming me for everything and saying I haven’t tried to fix things between us, maybe now I don’t want to because I’m tired of it. I spend my days thinking of how my life would be without her when before I couldn’t imagine that. I would never wish her gone but now think that if I were to leave as I really want to that my kids would be ringing me saying she’d done something stupid again.

Thanks. The main issue is how my wife reacts to my failings. I'm more than happy to use oral pleasure or other methods but my wife takes it all personally, saying that I don't want her or that I'm not attracted to her any more when nothing could be further from the truth. It doesn't matter to her how sad I am or what I say she insists that penetration is the mainstay of a healthy sex life which I understand. She told me today that she flirts with other guys so knows she's still attractive, which I've spent our time together trying to reassure her about. I get why she feels the way she does when I fail her but not why she can't be understanding about it the way I was when our sex life was less when her libido was lower.

So sorry to hear you're feeling sad and alone, i understand how you're feeling i really do. Do you want to get help ? maybe medical or counselling & have you shown your wife you want to, it might make her feel more supported and understand better if she could see you want to try all possible ways of improving your situation or do you think its too late for that ? Hope you find support.

You sound like you are done. You should tell her and break free ! You could meet someone nicer who will support you !
You deserve someone who will support you properly! X