Saturday night

Well Saturday night I was almost out of cigs and i ended up buying another pack and smoking my last 4 out of the other pack. I am so mad at myself but i jsut couldn't do it. After this pack I am quitting i know i said that the lst time but i want to. Plus this girl i met we became friends and she is trying to quit also and that might help. I don't know why i couldn't just quit but i couldn't not buy a pack. I am hoping that i can quit. I know I can. After this pack I am done. I need to quit.

Ahleeesha14, don't look back but only forward now. You had a mini flub by buying the other pack, but that's okay. You are well on your way now, because you really really want to quit and that's a huge step in the right direction. You can do this!

Thanks so much yes i do want to quit and i know i can. Thanks so much for being here and helping me out. It feels good knowing I can come here and talk to you guys. Thanks for being here and helping me out. Things have been all over the place. My emotions and I have been moody and i don't know why. I know I can do this though.

You can absolutely do this! How was today? Did you make it through without smoking?

Well I did make it through the day without smoking but only one day/

That's one day and one HUGE step in the right direction! Keep up the great work.