Scared to death

Ok I posted about the false positive PET... no in put..
we are waiting on an appoinment from the surgeion ot make the desicion on a biopsy. the PEt scan showed up 3 very small areas # in the arm pit ( orginal location)#2 in 2 nodes behind the intestines, and 2 nodes in the groin area, Dr said live like he doesnt have cancer, and we will test it... and it can be treated witha much aggresive chemo.and said it is still very curable. now I know this is parinoia setting in... I realize the first go around was very easlily treated and was completely gone by the time he started his 5 chemo tratment of 16 which they actualy shortened to 12. any input what to really expect.. I am praying this will take care of it and it will not return,any one have much experience in recurring... he feels fine, labs perfect, no night sweats, no fevers energy is super, appitite is good. I fear this crap will just continue to return and then we will run out of options for treatment. My husband is the most positive , strong willed person I have ever met.. said this will be a walk in the park and all will come thru just fine , just a battle woth fighting and the end result will be good,
I am just scared thats all

I don't understand. First you say he doesn't have cancer and now his treatments are for the most aggressive cancer but treatments were reduced to 12 treatments. Please clarify.

He was diagnosed with Stage 4 in January, they told him he would take 16 chemos, after 4 treatments of chemo , his cancer was almost gone. he then took 4 more treatments and had a clear PET scan, took 4 more and still had a clear scan so they released him so he did not take the following and final 4 of the 16 treatments, this was in August they did this, and he went for his follow up CT scan in Nov, they saw a few concerning things on it. #1~ 2 small spots on the kidneys (calcifications), 2 nodes in the abdomin which were slightly enlaged , but were actually smaller than on the prior PET scan, and then finally his speen had actually went back to a normal size but with small lesions.They wanted to run a PET scan to see if these areas were of concern AND OR ACTIVE just in case it had recurred, we had the PET scan on Nove29th, and then returned for the results on the 8th. The PET scan came back with POSITIVE active cells in 3 totally different locations other than where they were concerned..and the others were now not of concern~ the new concerns were in the arm pit ( origin of the initial cancer or at least what made us know something was wrong swollen node) and then a couple node to the rear of his intestins in the back portion of his tummy and then a couple nodes in the groin area. They ranged from 1 cm to 2 cm nothing huge. Those areas lit up on the last pet scan so now the Dr said he wants to do a biopsy to verify if it is cancer or simply active normal cells or a false postive which as I understand it could be infection showing up as cancer cells.
The dr said IF it is a relapse he will put him on a more agrresive chemo regiment for relapse HL... I am sorry for the confusion ~ brain is all over the place ...hope this explains it better..

I haven't yet heard of a doctor not pushing for a patient to complete all the treatment based on the diagnosis. Sorry this is happening....

Has a biopsy been scheduled Karen?

As for other treatments, not that you want things to go this way, but if they should, know that there are a number of second and third line treatment options in HL. They come to an end when they tell you that a bone marrow / stem cell transplant is not an option and they offer palliative care.

Anyone know what the statistics look like for Hodgkin's recurrence? It seems so many post on here about going through treatment several times. How many patients actually beat it the first time?

The Lymphoma Research Foundation says that about 80% of Hodgkin's patients are cured with first-line therapy. Consider that there are about 8400 new HL diagnoses made each year in the US, that leaves about 1700 of them that will not respond to first-line therapy.

So after having posted the above statistic--which remains valid so far as I know--I came across an abstract that was presented recently at the American Soc of Hematology meeting this month regarding the successful use of SGN-35, aka Brentuximab vedotin, in treating relapsed HL in patients who have already undergone an autologous transplant.

It's a phase I study, but the results are pretty encouraging nonetheless, chiefly because in other circumstances within the lymphoma realm, a hematopoietic stem cell transplantation is the last line of defense--- if that fails, standard treatment guidelines (in the US) are pretty grim from there on-- palliative care mostly.

HemOncToday has a good write-up on the abstract.

Does that statistic vary by stage, or is that across the board?

Good question. Since there is a so-called Hodgkin's prognostic calculator, and since some of the most recent data shows a cure rate for early-stage, favorable HL (meaning either stage IA or IIA) of over 90% with first-line therapy, the assumption is that it's an across the board average.

If you look at the SEER stats page for Hodgkin's and you scroll down to 'stage and survival' you can see that even when diagnosed in advanced or metastatic stages, the cure rate (remember in cancer-speak a 'cure' actually means being cancer-free for 5 years following treatment) is almost 75%.