Scared to take my medicine

ok so i have been stuck in my home for three years now couldnt see a doctor or anything so finally friday someone found a doctor that was willing to do a home visit for me so he came and wrote me a prescription for citalopram but now im to scared to take it even though i know it would help me so does anyone have any idea how i can get on this without the fear of dying please help me

Hi Darcy, thank you for being here with us. I think that if you can look at the meds as a stepping stone of helping you through your phobia, then that will help you take your medicine. Know and trust that your doctor would never prescribe a medicine that would do you harm, on the contrary it will do so much good.

Can you try taking it this evening?

thank you so much for your comment that is a good way to look at it i want to get better so bad i have two children they have missed out being able to go places with me i feel so bad about that so last night i took my splitter and i split the pill i took a little peice and put it in my drink i think that if i can get through the first whole pill i will take them after that so baby steps wish me luck

I pray u r feeling better. God bless. I think u should try the medicine just to see if it will help.

Ya Puppy gave great advice there. Sweetie as with every disorder baby steps. You took a very brave move there and you're doing so great hun. You're kids only want mummy to be better and you're doing so great in what you're doing.

And remember hun, it's about recovery, so no looking back now. We are all here for you hun and want a speedy recovery for you.

Love to you
Moongal x

thanks to you all for your wonderful words of encouragment i think joining this group was the best thing i ever did i am going to try to get better and i think with all of your support that is very much possible thank you all again

Thank you so much Darcy! Know that we are here for you. Please keep sharing with us.

ok so i have been on this medicine for four days now but im still splitting it up i mean i feel like i am getting some benefit out of it so i guess as long as im taking something its ok i think in one more week i may be able to start taking it whole i hope anyway lol wish me luck

Darcy, that's such great news. I'm all for taking small steps, and that's exactly what you are doing. You're taking meds at your comfort level slowly but surely, I am so proud of you. And, I know that next week will be so much easier for you. Please keep sharing with us and let us know how you are doing.

so i am five days into my medicine now i am still putting in my water at night but i am increasing my dose a little at a time and it seems to be working so keep your fingers crossed thanks everyone for all your support i dont think i couldve gotten this far without your words of encouragment

Hi Darcy, thank you so much for the wonderful update, I am so happy for you and proud of you for making it this far. It's all about taking small comfortable steps, and that's what you've been doing. Keep up the great work!

I can truly relate to your hisitancy towards a new medication, think it is great you have been able do so. I to am agorophobic and untrusting of medications. I have been blessed with a single doctor who has been through everything with me and is as careful with meds as i need him to be. Find someone you trust even if its not a doctor but can act as a mediator towards your goals. Take even one step each day and in time you reach your destination.

You're doing a great job Darcy! After I had my son, I was having a difficult recovery (later I was diagnosed with post partum depression) and I didn't want to leave the house. I felt bad because I have 2 children as well, and I wanted to be able to take them places and have fun with them. My doctor prescribed me medication (different from the one you mentioned), and I was terrified to take it for fear of dying. I've never had to take medication like this in my life, so I was really scared. But I decided to just take it, knowing that my doctor wouldn't prescribe me something harmful and all I wanted to do was get better for my children! Besides, people take these meds all the time, so it couldn't be that bad. I'll admit I was still scared to take the med at first and would freak out over any slight side effect, but after a couple weeks, I was doing so much better and was able to leave the house. Eventually, I was able to take my kids out on my own and enjoy doing things with them again.

Maybe if you don't read the side effects/warnings on the medication, it will help you feel a little better about taking it. I know that when I read them, I talk myself into having "side effects even though I am just fine. I would have my husband or mother read them for me, just to make ME feel better knowing that someone I trust knows a little about the medication I am taking.

Also, you may want to double check with your pharmacist that you can split the pills that you are taking. I was splitting my pills for a while, which my doctor told me to do, and one day my pharmacist told me that I shouldn't be splitting the pills. They were slow release, and by splitting them, it just gives you the medicine all at once, instead of over a period of time, and basically defeats the purpose of taking it. You could even call into the pharmacy to double check.

Keep up the good work Darcy!! =)

Darcy, you should be so proud of yourself for all the accomplishments you've made in just a short time. ATTA girl & I hope your feeling better, NOW keep going.

All my strengths,