I restricted at lunch today...I am scared I am going to get kicked out for the slightest mistake. Now I am scared that because I couldn't finish lunch I am going to get into trouble....and I am stressed. So much so I had an anxiety attack and almost went running today. What is wrong with with me....why am I so messed up? name is rebekah. I haven't been here long so i haven't heard your story. I've tried to catch up. You are at remuda? i got out of the center for change eating disoder treatment center awhile back so i know how horribly stressful it is to have people watching your every move. Nothing is wrong with you. When i was in the center they put me on a weight gain food plan and i gained 20 lbs in 5 weeks. I thought i was going to die, but it saved my life. treatment is so hard..recovery is so hard. I understand what you are going through. stay strong and focus on your goals. The reasons you wanted to leave the ED behind you. the lies and the pain it causes.

You can get through this. How much longer do you have there?

I get out September 11th and either willl go home or to another inpatient facility.

wow...well i hope everything goes well. If you do end up going to another treatment center...the one i went to changed my life forever..i still struggle, but it was amazing. How have you been holding up?

Nothing is wrong with you! You can do this. Everyone has tiny set backs, but its what you do with them that determines if it is a set back or a learning experience. As long as you take today and keep fighting back you will make it through your treatment and be able to get home on your set date.

Keep fighting. You have made it so far in treatment :)

Good Luck


Nothing is wrong with you my beautiful are struggling...but you WILL get through. I believe in you and have so much faith in you because I know just how amazing you are :) Hang in there honey. I am praying for you and I love you. *Kasee*


I am holding up ok now. I have been struggling a lot in the step down program I am in. I spent 45 days in intenst inpatient treatment so I don't want to do that again so I am trying really hard.

Where did you do your treatment?

I got out of treatment about 5 weeks ago, and honestly I wish I had stayed longer. I don't believe that I was ready to discharge. I think my pride and my stubborness got in the way and I regret the decision I made to discharge myself early. BUT I agree with the other girls, there is NOTHING wrong with you. This is such a difficult process, one that requires complete and total commitment. There is no easy answer, and no answer that fits every person. We each find our own solution that fits our situation and our specific disorder. Please know how special you are and how much the world would suffer if you don't keep fighting to beat ED. :) Keep your chin up.

they just upped my supplements....eff.

You CAN do this!

you can totally do this. It sucks..and it's so hard, but you are worth it. Your life is worth it.

I went to the center for change in Utah. I was there 4 months and it was the hardest things i've ever done. And it's hard after being inpatient not having someone there 24/7 at your call all the time. I'm glad you have internet access. i never did. Message me anytime you want to talk about anything. Being in treatment is so hard. I understand.