School's getting harder and harder for me

This might be caused by some mental issues, but school's becoming my biggest challenge. It shouldn't be because I'm the most well-known kid in school, I get tutored when I need it, and I almost got jumped up a grade. I NEVER got left back. But lately I've been slacking. I go to school, don't pay attention, leave my books at home, fall asleep in class and when I come home, I don't bother with homework. It's getting so bad, I've been thinking of dropping out. I Missed 2 straight weeks of school in October and I Didnt care. But now I realize the consequences and reality keeps hitting me. I MIGHT actually get held back or kicked out of my school. So I try to do better but in my mind I get lost and then in class I start fading away and I don't pick up anything to learn. So I fail every test. I don't know what to do. Just as I Thought Life was already bad, it gets worse.

Have you talked to your school counselor about this?

Nah, I'm Starting To Dislike Her Because Shes Been Sarcastic Lately.

I think Gina is right. Talking to your counselor might help! For me i have seizures at night which greatly impact my sleep, so i was in the same boat your in right now. I talked with my counselor though and they made accommodations for me so i could get caught up and be able to focus again!
Good luck!!!

hey the best way to do well in school is to take away everything that distracts you, thats what i am doing and i am getting excellent grades.

Thanks Maggie &Keshan. But I Feel Like A Poor Soul. Im Not Going Anywhere In Life Anyways.

Don't believe that even for a second! The more you focus ont that the less likely you'll be to succeed!! Just keep you're head and do your absolute best!!

hey there :) i was in the same place where you were i will admit yes it is hard but :) you have people here that can help you we support you we are here for you :)
take care

Thanks Guys .

Was in the same place - turned out i had ADHD. medication was a miracle.