Second day of treatment at River Centre

So, my dear friends.... my latest update.
I flew into Detroit on Sunday afternoon, and my mother and I drove from Detroit to Sylvania, Ohio. We got to our hotel room and showered and everything, and then went downstairs to meet Jan! She is so sweet, warm, and loving <3 and I am so lucky that she helped me get here.
I went over to the River Centre clinic on Monday morning, filled out the paperwork, and then took a tour of the place. It is a very nice facility, homey but still very safe feeling. From the moment I walked in, everyone was warm and welcoming. The people who work here really seem like they are engaged and care about helping the people in the program. On Monday we had two groups - one with just adolescents and one with the adults also. They were insightful and overall positive and supportive groups. The other people in the program are encouraging and it is so nice to see that people who have been in the program for a while are doing well overall! :) LOTS of therapy, but I need it. I am so glad to be in Ohio, in a safe place where I can share everything that I need to and be completely honest, and not worry about the consequences of being open and truthful. My therapist is wonderful, and all the staff in the adolescent unit are fun and make the mood upbeat and positive.
I can't lie - the meals have been extremely difficult. I've cried and pushed stuff around :/ but I haven't eaten for real in months! My body has to get used to eating. They are starting me off slowly with a pretty reasonable amount of food (well I don't think its reasonable) so that my body can get used to eating again... and I haven't thrown up in two days now. Even though my stomach has been VERY upset, I have not been alone and the constant support and encouragement is allowing me to work through the tummy aches.
I will continue to share as things progress. Recovery is difficult. I want it so badly, but that does not mean that it is easy. I am willing to work and I am so lucky to have support.
I hope everyone had a good day and that you are hanging in there! I'm doing the best I can...
Lots of love

Wow! That's amazing! I wish you only the best in treatment! and how fun that Ms. Jan can be RIGHT there to help along the way!! I am so proud of you my sister! you know, I am so happy you are here. I know how hard it is..everyone does, but you are doing an excellent job of pushing through. So happy you shared!
I get to see you later....♥


i am so overjoyed for you, that you did this, that this happened for you. i am so excitied and so thrilled to know you are there--this is incredible, adn i do beleive you will be better. this just makes my year...


Thinking of you, CC!! ♥ SOOOO happy for you!! HUGS!! ♥

Day #3!!! :D

Love you!


CC: I am so happy you are safe with Jan! praying for you each and every day. You are so brave and strong. Love you!!

dragon-slaying cc...

you have shown such courage and strength by letting the light guide you to rcc and to jan. i feel a sense of peace for you. by no means am i suggesting that your stay will be a spa vacation, but you have stepped over the threshold... and are allowing others to help and care for you.
thank you for updating us on your life and on this particular vision quest. we are here for you. jan is here for you. rcc is here for you. let rcc be the stability that you need; wrap it around you like a blanket; let it keep you warm and safe. no doubt you have some hard work ahead; please remember your cyber-sisterhood is cheering you on and that i am holding your hand.

all my love, sweetie-

we are surely cheering you on!


I love you guys so much... you are all like my virtual rock :) And you are all SO incredible! I can't thank you enough for the support you have been giving me, and I can't wait until I am a guru like Jen and Jan!!! Hahahah someday :)
Rough day, very rough day... but its gonna get worse before it gets better, or at least thats what I've heard.
Love to you all! Never give up... I'm trying to hang in there


You ARE a Guru!! Even if not on here…YET!!!

Thinking about you…:heart:

Lol!! :) Love you, CC!! You'll make a FAB guru. :) I know it's hard work... Harder than I have experienced! I'm in awe of you, dear!! You have such strength!! :)



CC: Just know that you are in my thoughts and prayers and honestly you sound better already, although I know tough times are ahead. You can do this!!!!!
We all love and support you

you know that would be awesome for you to one day become a support guru??

im so glad you are hanging in there as i know it IS rough, but i tbeleive you have the best staff there to see you glad you are getting therapy...

i am.

i really am amazed by your courage and strenght and your determination to travel so far to get help. you saved your life, and we get to watch.
it is great to see you blossom, and like molly said, you do already sound better.