Second hand smoke

I was told that I had follicular b cell stage 3 lymphoma in Aug this year. After 8 weeks of treatments of Rituxan , I am in remission. I will find out in a few more weeks if I still am. My question is this. As we all know second hand smoke isn't good for anyone. But could it cause the cancer to come out of remission. I am very worried about this. I have stopped all smoking in my home. But have be left out of family function because I'm afraid to be around the smoke. Am I justified in worring or just being parinod? Waiting for a answer if you have one. thank you in advance. Donna

donna- talk to your doctor they will know better about this, but you are right, we all know secondhand smoke cause many health problems and i am sure you don’t want to do anything to jeopardize your health. congratulations on stopping smoking!

Hi Donna,As Victoria said speak ck.with your dr.I had worked in a Club/bar for years as a bartender and custodian.Lots of smoke but also lots of cleaning fluids.Our type of NHL is know to return,so with this said "enjoy life" and stop worrying.Don't miss out on being with your family.You could always wear a mask if you felt the need or just don't stay long.Take care,Michele

While I agree with everyone here in that you're best off maintaining a smoke-free environment, and while there's no question that cigarette smoke has hundreds or thousands of carcinogens, there's no scientific reason to support the idea that second-hand smoke could cause you to come out of remission.

Whatever caused your cancer to begin with-- and whatever it was likely began several years, even longer, before you were diagnosed-- began a cascading chain reaction at the molecular level that began a series of mutations that ultimately led to your cancer. The addition of an outside carcinogen re-starting your current cancer doesn't really hold up. However, the smoke could cause you to develop another cancer elsewhere, and it could reach your immune system and or lungs at a time when they are compromised, leading to other health issues.