Seeking Free Therapy!

I think I need therapy to work through my issues with food and some early childhood stuff but don't have the money to pay someone for it. Does anyone know of any websites I can go to for FREE counseling. I still want to keep some sense of anonymity at this point and I have hearing loss so therapy over the phone will be too frustrating. I have worked through a lot of things on my own and think I figured out the root of a lot of my issues, but there are a few things I still don't quite get and maybe the additional advice will get me over the hump. I am tired of letting fear and feelings of inadequacy control my life. Thanks for you help in advance.

I would just try and google, sorry thats my best suggestion...

Hi :) i feel ya on the free therapy, tough to find but
a lot of places do have sliding scale pay systems.... this site is perfect for free therapy though! I'm struggling to cope with ptsd from early childhood abuse that i had repressed for a very long tine... i know how traumatic childhood can be... whars going on with you? I totally relate on those feelings controlling you... i'm 19 and i can't get the first 10 yrs of my life to stop replaying over and over

I’m 31 and still fighting it. You are still young so take your power back now. You don’t want to live with the regrets of letting the years pass you by and not having doe something about it early on in your life. When I was 19 the effects of my childhood were starting to manefest themselves physically and a nurse at my school asked my if I wanted counselling. I was deep in my I can do this myself phase at that time and didn’t take advantage of the opportunity. I look back now and am angry about all the years I lost by not doing something about it then. Don’t make that same mistake. Just for a little history I dealt with my father abandoning my when I was seven for an outside child (although he was still physically there from time to time), getting beat up by my brother on a regular basis (he was only 3 years older and I think he used his power over me to deal with his lack a power with my father), and being molested when I was around 7,8, or 9 by family friend’s teenage brother. I have blocked out a lot of my childhood so my exact age is foggy. I am just left with flashes of many events. Somewhere during these years I started hiding food and putting on weight. I now think it was my way of having some control over my life at that time. Unfortunately the control has turned into a complete lack of control over food (binge eater), an obsession with my weight, and very low self-esteem. I know what to do but can’t seem to stop the behavior I know can kill me. I really went on and on there. Once I start typing more and more wants to come out.

Haha sorry about the spelling typing is hard on my phone

I can relate with you so much. I am so sorry for what you have been through and I appreciate your advice... I will definitely take it. And I know how you feel about being able to go on and on once you start talking because after going years of not it feels so fucking good to just let it out... but its also horrifying too... you know you're still young too we should talk more because I think we could really help each other... so many of my memories are so foggy too I'm stuck with flashbacks all day and night my entire family completely denies and rejects that my mom sexually abused me all because I didn't talk about it earlier. They think if it was true I would've done something about it when I was child.... I feel so let down... who would make something like that up, it's disgusting my MOM

the way you described yourself and your struggles sounds just like me. We are in the same boat as far as how you are feeling with binge eating...etc. You aren't alone!