Seeking people for support

I recently lost my son. He was killed on Memorial day 09. long story short, he got in a truck to protect his friend and some youngsters from the driver who had been drinking..nonstop... for 2 days.
My son was the only one killed, he was crushed under the truck.
It has been a year but I feel no better, each day it's harder and harder to function!
I am married and have a surviving child, and please no one say I have to go on for her. I'm sick of hearing all it!!
I am looking for people to just chat with me, I know I'm not the only one and I don't want to start all over again but wonder if talking with you all would be a help at all??


welcome to support group,

i quite agree people tellin u to get on with it because u have another child doesnt mean a thing and doesnt lessen the loss/ache u feel

its hard for people to know what to do to help u thru this situation and many who havent been thru the grief process cant understand why some of us still need to mourn our loss

it would help u to seek medical help to make sure u have not during this period where im sure u havent been taking care of u to rule out any underlying medical problems

how old was your son and what did he most like doing? he sounds like a son to be proud off

keep posting and chattin

as always loving thoughts and positive vibes

i just wrote earlier that i lost my bestfriend. the grief is unbearable. I can't imagine what you are going to but i understand the pain. in my opinion there is no time limit to this pain. most grief professionals say the acute pain is two months then severe pain can last as long as two yrs. my husband lost his brother and he still feels the pain from time to time as acutely as if it was yesterday..even though it's been years and years. so..take care of yourself and forgot about time. it can make you feel worse. like saying i "should" feel better. well you don't. take as long as you need. sending a prayer your way.


hey corydano90 .. I somewhat understand and the worst thing anyone can do when someone is having lots of grief is to give advice even if they mean well . my birthday is memorial day. and it is a awful day for me every year on my birthday i sit and cry because thats the day I lost by best friend/ love of my life. Its been 15 years since he passed away . Him and my other friend Rhinda who had a one year old son got on a little donut raft t the duckabush river and the water was really calm once they got around the bend there was no way out and they had on no life jackets at al. I found out on my birthday about there death plus it was all over the news. I lost my mind it was awful . the only thing that pulled me threw was to talk about and talk about it and hang out with his mom and cry together and ruthie just letting hug her. I slept in his room alot after he died and cuddled in his blankets . It just made me feel better. I still miss him . he was the best friend i ever had and he made me laugh. John died trying to save rhonda from going under the water. he is a hero. So is your son...

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