Seeking some help here... I am newly diagnosed (early 20Seeking some help here... I am newly diagnosed (early

Seeking some help here...

I am newly diagnosed (early 2015) living with HSV-2. I took a break from dating to work on evaluating what I would like in a partner for the future. I met someone unexpectedly a few months ago. We began dating and really connected. After about a month and half it seemed like things were progressing towards sex. I disclosed my status to him. He reacted well (way better than I expected) and said that he would think about how he felt about it and we would go from there. He spoke to his friend who is a doctor that reassured him, spent his own time researching, and we talked about risks at length. After a few weeks we had sex. I could tell he was holding back but decided to see where it would go. A few days ago he expressed still being uncomfortable and unsure of what to do. We talked about it but it seems he still needs some time. I am beginning to worry that this will be a sexless relationship. My question is: how long do I wait to see if he is "ok" with my status? I worry if he still is concerned he may never be able to enjoy such an intimate act with me.
Any help or advice is appreciated.

Personally he needs to make a decision as it is not fair on you to drag it out because if he does change his mind then how much time have you spent on something that has ended up going nowhere. by the sounds of it at the moment it is seeking him but it is causing you stress then that's not helpful so perhaps it is time to put a little bit of pressure on him he has had enough time to understand what it means. I guess I think I would think about is he going to be constantly thinking about it and 1 day just turn around and change his mind on you which men can do

If he us unsure of of what to do in regards to you having herpes, then he is not accepting all of you. I say give him a few days to think about it and maybe go talk to his friend again. Maybe he can go with you to your doctor ask questions there too. Are you on daily medication? Daily medication helps prevent outbreaks and lowers the transmission rate so maybe start taking it, if you are not already.

thank you! I am on suppressive medication, no outbreak that I am aware of since initially