Seem to be in a severe depression. Alienating myself more an

Seem to be in a severe depression. Alienating myself more and more from my family so I can cry in private. It’s hard to feel things when others that don’t understand are telling you that the way you feel and how you’re dealing with it is wrong. If they’re not in the exact same situation how can they say the way you feel is wrong or that you don’t have the right to feel. The loss of my leg is so much more than that... it is the loss of my independence and the way others saw me as the strong one that always got things done. I’m struggling to not get angry with others for how they’re making me feel as more anger is not going to help this situation and I need to move forward in all aspects of my life.

While this is life altering, it doesn't have to be character altering, you are still you and you are still strong. Are you a candidate for a prosthetic? Also, have you had any counseling for your grief and depression? This is a process, just don't feel like you have to be so strong you have to deal with everything on your own.

I just had my first appointment to start the process for a prosthetic. I am going to have to have a special prosthetic made as I acquired a severe staph infection in the rehab facility I was released to which led to a few more surgeries and a long intense amount of time to heal. I now have a deformed stump that a typical prosthetic will not work for. I am in therapy and have been for many years although my need to have an outlet to discuss this is greater than the time my doctor has available for me. I’m exhausted and am finding it more difficult as I haven’t been able to find any help with support in my area and most amputees I see tend to be little old ladies and men that would most likely have completely different interests and needs compared to a person in my age group. I appreciate your help and all your advice as it is nice to know there’s someone that is listening. What have you had amputated and why if you don’t mind my asking and how long ago did you experience your surgery? God bless you for your thoughts as you have helped me more than you could ever understand.