Seems like i have too much time on my hands. A lot of dark a

Seems like i have too much time on my hands. A lot of dark and memories keep haunting me all day. Thought i made peace with them. I feel very low on energy the entire day. Even at work too. Right now I'm running on auto pilot. I don't have close friends i can open upto. Can someone tell me what to do

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I'm sorry you are feeling low. Force yourself to get up and move, start going for long walks all of us need cardio and it will help the depression to keep moving. Make sure you get sunshine everyday. Think of things that you have enjoyed in the past and do those things on a regular basis. It's ok if you can't think of anything from the past, come up with some new ideas. Check out an animal shelter see if they need volunteers to walk dogs or spend time with their cats. Go for a walk in a mall a few times a week stop and buy lunch or a cold drink it's a good way to get out around other and get exercise. The last thing you need is to isolate so think of a list of things you can do then do it.

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@Fohb460 Thank you so much for your advise. Yes I’ve been isolating myself. I go to work, come back to my room and lights off. I’m basically just fed up of this life. I’ve hinted at my wife about this. Also I’m thinking of plan B(change in profession) too.

Sorry Sailor, I've never been one for energy drinks, but maybe have one in the morning. Also, banana is a quick energy source too. Are you drinking, (Alcohol)? Of course that will bring you down and kill your energy too. You need something to do where you meet people and make friends. Hobby, sport, a place to hang out. A good nights sleep will help also. Keep us posted, don't wait so long. And watch a comedy or something funny on youtube to change your mood. We are here for you man.

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@constructionjim thank you so much. I needed that. For me it’s that I’m very much functional. But it comes in waves. Sometimes i feel good and maybe an hour later Rock bottom. And then i feel good again. It goes on everyday. Onboard we all work different shifts. I work in the technical department on 4 hour shifts. And i work alone too. So basically there’s no one to talk and communicate. I probably get 15 mins of social interaction everyday(if I’m lucky). It’s a horrible life. I’m planning to hit the gym from Monday. Let’s see how that goes