Self-confidence - a sign, which lets the person create posit

Self-confidence - a trait, which lets the person create positive, but also the reality of yourself and your image. Self-confidence means being confident in your talents and knowing that you can control your own life and reach your desired goals. Self-confidence means loving yourself with all your advantages and disadvantages. Why do we need self-confidence? Being confident in your strength is a person's good personality trait. It lets the person move forward, not give up and reach their goals. Confidence is like a stimulus, encouraging us to reach the best versions of ourselves. It even lets us ignore all negative talks and thoughts from the environment. A confident person knows their valueness and doesn't let others make them feel down. Of course, sometimes even the most confident person can feel broken, unworthy, or they just see their lack of confidence in strength. I'll share with you tips on how to gain self-confidence. Keep in mind that I'm not a psychologist and all the tips I've taken are from the stuff I've read.

1) Stop comparing yourself with others. We always compare ourselves with others and mention what others have, but we don't without thinking. That way we start to be unconfident and we feel down. To gain confidence, it's important to stop comparing yourself with others and understand that there will always be people that are good, smart, and attractive. But they will never be you because you are the only one and that makes you special.

2) Surround yourself with positive people. Surrounding with people affects us. If people that surround us, are always sad and complaining, how bad their lives are, we become sadder and grumpier. However, being with positive, confident people affect can be different: we become happier and confident. If you have a friend who's always unhappy, talk to them, but if things don't go well, end your friendship with them because having that kind of friendship is useless for both of you. By the way, psychologists confirmed that the five people that always surround you, are your self-reflection.

3) Avoid negative thoughts. When you're upset, a lot of negative thoughts form in your head. You start to think that you're unworthy, unloved, ugly, etc. But you have to try and think positive and say to yourself that your family and friends need you and they love you.

4) Don't be afraid to take risky actions and challenge yourself. When we are unconfident in ourselves we get afraid of moving forward, reaching our new goals, challenging ourselves. But you need to do the opposite, challenge yourself. When we finish something that was impossible for us when we didn't dare to do it for so long, it helps us be proud of ourselves and trust in our strengths. But you can't forget that things don't always go perfectly, but being wrong and making mistakes are human, but you should never lower your hands.

5) Learn to accept and compliment. We know what a good feeling is when someone tells you that we look beautiful, we are smart, but we are not good at accepting a lot of compliments. Learning to accept compliments in front of someone's sight, we look confident. To accept compliments is to not feel uncomfortable when someone tells you that you're smart, just say "Thank you". However, not only do you have to learn to accept compliments, but to compliment. When you see that a person's eyes start to brighten up hearing your compliment, you'll feel happy realizing that you make someone feel special. By the way, it is also a good option for starting a conversation.

6) Give what your body needs every day. You need to do something your body needs to gain confidence. You don't have to go to the gym, have a diet, or do other physical activities every day. You can do ten squats, a few bends, drink 1,5 liters of water, eat an apple instead of eating chocolate.

7) Feed your brain. By feeding your brain you can learn new things. Learning helps us know random, interesting facts. When people see that you know a lot of things and you learn out of your desire, they want to hang out with you and that lifts your self-love.

8) Try to help others. Helping others is not only a good option for showing your friendliness, but it helps you to be more confident. When you help others, you feel worthy and this feeling is very important to get self-confidence back. But don't overdo it! First things first, complete your tasks, then you can try helping others.

9) Dress what you like. We know the feeling while wearing our favorite outfits. Then we feel attractive. Wear things that make you feel comfortable and don't think too much about whether this outfit fits you or not.

10) Listen to some happy music. Have you thought why then, when you're sad, listening to music, which makes someone sad? Happy music, which makes us feel wanting to dance, will help you feel much better. Songs can also wake our pleasant memories.

11) Don't forget to congratulate yourself and give a gift to yourself. It's very important to be grateful for yourself regularly. When you finish doing your homework, tidying up your room, don't forget to be grateful for yourself that you are a good girl/boy, treat yourself to your favorite bar of chocolate or a new book.

12) Evaluate what you have. Being happy with what you have is a good personality trait. But when there's a lack of self-confidence, it is also needed. You should be thankful, but not complaining about not having it. If you want to be confident, it's important to understand what you have and be proud, but shedding tears about something you don't have is pointless.

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All excellent and true points. Just so hard to implement. The longer you go through life with low self esteem the harder it becomes to stop the negative voice inside your head.
Your point 10 takes me back to therapy. I was asked to write down 20 songs I listened to. All 20 I wrote down had depressing lyrics.

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@starship Glad they help you.