Self Discovery in recovery from an ED

During my work through this B.E.D...I have come to a few realisations. Having an ED is not about playing the blame or shame game. Days can seem like a struggle...we don't recognise what we see in the mirror....we worry we'll "fall off the diet wagon".

Recovery from an ED is about self discovery and going down into the core stripping me down, taking away what was I so firmly believed, ripping it to shreads and starting anew.

Everyday you wake up and say I am going to discover the ME underneath this whole ED haze is not a day of matter what may come. And it is amazing what a wonderful person you find once you look hard enough, once you stop arguing with food, intensifying exercise and really look hard into your soul...and find that piece of you that is loved..because you are loved NOW.

Recovery is not easy, it's like relearning ourselves our attitudes...but it is also amazing how much you realise you didn't know yourself, because you were ignoring yourself through this ED.

Remember you are loved...acknowledge it
Love to you all
Moongal x

Ah, the path we stay on throughout our lives... We never finish learning about ourselves because we are constantly evolving. ♥

Great reflection here! :)



Now this is what I'm talking about. No effort, we are already beautiful and loved. Thank you for this great morning boost.