Self-help boost :)

Hey all, for me trying to recover its mostly self-help, trying to find the best combinations of strategies that work for me. I've looked through lots and lots, but I'm at a low point at the moment, so are there any books or websites that people could share that have helped them? :)

With best wishes and hope for everyone's recovery :) ♥

Hi Z, I found this site to be helpful and there's also a phone number that you can call for help and guidance if you would like;

Please know that I am here for you and here to help you through this in any way that I can.

Sorry, I haven't logged on for a bit, but thank you very much and likewise of course! :) xox

Hi Z, first and foremost, I absolutely love your profile picture of a smiley face. How are you doing and feeling now? It is so wonderful to hear from you. Please know that I am here for you and here to help you.

Thank you, it just makes me smile too, even if it's a computer one, it's still contagious to me haha! I'm doing well thank you, it's a slow and uppy/downy process but that still gets results :) Thank you and likewise, you're always always helping people on here and it's really lovely, hope you're well too :)

Thank you so much Z! Being here; sharing and trying to help in any little way that I can brings be so much happiness and fulfillment. Please know that I am here to help you, please share anytime and let me know how things continue to progress for you.