Self worth

hi everyone!

i was just wondering how everyone keeps up their self worth. I have always had a problem with this.

I feel like i don't deserve this or that because of how i feel about myself. I'm not good enough or pretty enough. Do i make sense here?


awww thanks jaded :) you made my day!

I know i feel the same way. i deserve the worst, i go out and feel like i don't belong and don't deserve to be there. We have to work on this!

Wow, thanks for responding positively. I thought you might be offended for me complimenting you. That is what I am talking about though in effect. We do have to work on this. I just have to get out more for one...and talk to people, dogs listen so much better, but it is kind of one sided, except for the licks. I hope I can handle psychology classes, you think they'll know? Like, "hey that guy has all the behaviors we are talking about, we should study him." Then they put me in a cage and I only get fed if I do the maze correctly.


Lol! you will do fine with your classes i'm sure :)

I see you are new to this group. Its a great group with equally great people that give advice and give you the boost you might need. We help each other :)