Serious question: Does anyone on here that suffers from PTSD

Serious question: Does anyone on here that suffers from PTSD use marijuana and does it help? Im desperate.

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Alcohol or anything else just gives you some pain dulling but doesn't help resolve the problem. Therapy can help. I think communication can help too. I think Rapid Response Therapy is the way to go.

@persevering1 ive done lots of therapy. ive had a lot of people talk to me about holistics. I just wanted a first hand advice.

how about kickboxing

Reply to HelloChristies: From my experience of using marijuana now and then, I find that it makes me feel joy for a period of time but I see it as a brief escape from what’s really going on. This sounds ok but in reality once the high is over I feel disoriented and often cannot fully recall what occurred while high. This fallout lasts for days and I recognize an increase in dissociation. All-in-all I do not believe it to be a healthy choice. Finding joy and relief from physical tension can be achieved in other ways that help me to feel grounded and oriented to the present moment, which leads to a better sense of self and the world in general.

I find ways to distract myself when the memories start..otherwise the more I focus on the memories and my "feelings" the harder it is to forget or get past the memories.

It's only a temporary fix, and I feel it can vary from person to person. I know of someone who tried it and it made them feel awful, but I know people where it made them feel great for a while!