Seriously he is cooking dinner right now. He has been a com

Seriously he is cooking dinner right now. He has been a complete jack wagon for the last 2 months, even laughing at me when I try to get attention that he expects on a daily basis. He must know that I am ready to run. He does this all the freaking time.

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The cycle will never change hon

Hang in there Hun freedom awaits in 2016 xx

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What keeps you there ??

right now it is just a fear of starting the process because of the drama. it is hard for me to proceed sometimes when he doesn't understand my point of view. I am becoming more confident with the fact that he doesn't have to agree and I am allowed happiness. I

@giblette1513 he will never understand your point of view because it’s not about you it’s about him. Are you financially dependent on him??

After years of this.....I finally said this is enough....I'm tired of it. Little by little his sharp words just bounced off me. My trouble is....I am dependent on him..... 62 on s.s. not enough that I can be on my OWN. You need to check on some org. that can help you and the kids. On the internet there are a lot og groups you can ck. out.....Good Luck

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