Seriously in need to talk I don't know how much longer I can

Seriously in need to talk I don't know how much longer I can hang on to my marriage some days I am happy most days I am not but we have children and I grew up in a broken home and I don't want my kids to go through that my best friend ended her marriage and since then her kids have meet several different men and changed schools a few times I don't want my children to go through that but I can feel myself day by day sinking lower and lower I crave love and attention I crave"that spark"

What is making you unhappy? What spark is missing in your marriage? What is different during the good vs bad days?

He has a major problem with getting aggravated way to easy which is most of it there is always tension I want to make sure I tip toe around him to not trigger any mood swings, the major part is 2 years ago on mothers day he left unexpectedly I was 2 weeks away from delivering our 4th child I was on struck bed rest and he left me alone with all the kids and moved in with this girl he had been seeing at work for a few months.....long story short 2 months after we split he came crawling back when he heard I was moving on and we have been together ever since. I'm so scared it's going to happen again but the smallest thing can trigger all that pain he caused me

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@ineedthatspark Well, it sounds like your husband was in the wrong. Leaving you while you’re pregnant on bed rest with 3 things is not a good thing to do. I’m curious as to why you are walking in eggshells. He was the one doing wrong. Has he ever explained why he left? Has he ever given a clear reason why he left? Or why he actually came back? Have you guys tried couples counseling?
My background is that I was the one who stepped out on my wife. After she found out about my affairs was when I realized I was wrong and being an idiot. Five months later we are doing better. She still has doubts, bit I committed to trying my hardest to work on making myself a better person whether we work out or not. But, I also admitted that I was wrong. Is he making the situation seem like you were in the wrong?

Hi ineedthatspark and welcome to the site. I'm sorry you are finding yourself in such a difficult situation with your husband. Curious as to how old your children are?

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