Seventh binge free day almost complete. one problem though:I

seventh binge free day almost complete. one problem though:I am craving something yummy. a twix or something. what should I do? it may result in a binge if I don't have something or I may go crazy if I have it..

Please have your healthy self tell your eating disordered self, "I'm not going to eat you now because I'm having a craving urge and I'm not going to allow you, my eating disordered self to win this time. If I still want you tomorrow, I'll place you as a planned snack and enjoy every bite without guilt."

no, I'm not going to eat anything today for sure. but I know this craving will stay and I am not sure how to solve this problem. I am not sure whether I should eat something else like dates or a twix bar.. arghhhhh

@run4fun Make it your choice, just make sure it isn’t a response to a craving urge. Make it your choice and enjoy that moment in the future.

I try to eat apple. It helps and stay away from kitchen.