Sex is amazing with him. He constantly wants to please me an

Sex is amazing with him. He constantly wants to please me and make me orgasm. He makes me feel beautiful like I've never felt before. He also is very encouraging but then the worst when it

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They are great actors, honestly is the sex worth all the other crap?

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No way. The sex isnt even that good if you think about it. Its an illusion and fake like everything else. They dont make love. They masturbate using others bodies. Its sick really.

They are such good actors. I have a masters in people management and they went through my radar over and over again. last friday he sent me an "im sorry" video. and for once - i SAW IT ALL. the throat clearing, the eyebrow raising, the neck scratching 5x under the lobe, the ear pulling (just as he says i love you) but again. ive now learnt to DOUBT myself. so much so that i am having a professional assess the video to confirm for me what i saw. I know its over. i cant love people who are sabotaging my future. I have a fixed amount of years to live.. those hours are very very exlusive from now on for me. just need to remember this when the love bombins recommences...

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wow what a perspective many times i felt that way. in retrospect we had moments where it was physitcally beyond amazing, sensations ive never felt before. our chemistry was out of this world. but the obsession of selifes and **** shots, dating sites and secret hook ups.. omg lucky i dont have any stds.

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