Sex is amazing with him. He constantly wants to please me an

Sex is amazing with him. He constantly wants to please me and make me orgasm. He makes me feel beautiful like I've never felt before. He also is very encouraging but then the worst when it

I really LOVED sex with my narcissist. He was handsome and a real stud in bed. Sadly he didn't do much to make me feel beautiful and certainly didn't do anything to make me feel that he cared for me. I think they're really keen of having people adore them so they do what they need to do to achieve that. So see, it's not really about PLEASING YOU --- but just doing whatever is necessary to get you addicted to him. It's the same deal if you ever try to break up -- then they have to go through all the stuff again to get you back to being addicted to them.

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@LizaBLUE it makes me sick. I gave him my all during sex,I thought the sparks were pure love and romance. But its sick that he actually knew exactly what I wanted and burned for. So he used it against me. I feel so dirty. I really do. I really thought he loved me and my body. It’s weird. He never car during sex with me and then called me selfish when I got off. Whch I can’t help he was really good at sex. But then he watches porn and comes easily. I have no problem with pirn I watch it too. But its just weird that he can cum quick watching Porn but not at all while we have sex. Like I some sort of game. Or object. Makes me so sad. So very sad

OOOO that's creepy. It's like the sex was stage acting for him and he had his part to play but the fact that he can't orgasm with you -- only with porn --- it's as if he isn't really aroused by being with a person. I'm not an expert but clearly some intimacy issues here. Gotta say, it's making ME feel pretty good about being single right now. Are you still with him? I can't tell from your post. Could be he takes pride in his skills but is otherwise not really that into it. Relationships and sex are really complicated when they don't work and are so simple and easy when they do -- or at least, it's all less complicated when you find someone who is on the same page as you. However, I have not been on the same "page" as a man in a very very long time. Still, I guess it happens from time to time.

@LizaBLUE its complicated. I hte that term but its true. He is a drug addicted… I bailed him out of jail because he begged me and was clean foe 15 days,the longest ever. A day after he got out he was using again calling me names. He is only a narcissistic o drugs. It’s crazy. That’s why I’m not sure if ots drugs or him. When he was clean. We had arguments but never so extreme and never mind games. I’m broke now because I bailed him out and he just verbally abused me like he always did on drugs. Idk what to think

Maybe he's gay. THat would explain a lot. But really it's his DRUG USE that is the big concern. I would personally find that to be deal breaker but then maybe you don't care much about that. Sounds like he's not off drugs very often. You're not really having a relationship with him --- you're dancing with the devil that he is on drugs. Is it really worth it? Any way for you to step back from this one - even temporarily? You bailed him out --- as in JAIL? I'd be stepping way back from all that - what a mess. Relationships are hard enough when people are sober and sane. But he's altered a lot of the time.