Sex while pregnant

so im 34 weeks along now and everything hurts! i mean places i didnt think would husband is very very supportive but i know he wants to be together and so do i but im afraid it will make things hurt even more. and its been waaay too long. i have issues with sex anyways because it hurts sometimes and i have lots of issues like i tend to shut down and a lot of it is mental because of my last relationship and i have always gotten bladder infections no matter what i do. the dr had given me antibiotics for that which help though. but right now i feel like im the size of a house! nothing is comfortable, and my hips and pelvic area are killing me! but its been so long and he is being so patient and awesome and i would like to before the baby arrives because it will be a little bit after that before we can again...i just dont know what to do to make it more comfortable or to tell myself it will be ok and wont hurt worse afterwards...and while he finds me extremely sexy right him!...i couldnt feel less sexy! has anyone else felt like this or had the same experience pain wise? this is our first so i have no idea what i should be feeling...thanks!

It does get uncomfortable towards the end as you become bigger and positions get a little tricky, however there are plenty of ways to be intimate without intercourse. If you are uncomfortable with penetration, be creative! Always remember to pee before and after sex to prevent infection, this is a great tip I found out about forever ago and it really works! Google postions to try while pregnant and you will find great little stick figure diagrams to guide you. I'm curious, why does sex hurt for you? Is this something mental or physical?

it was definitely uncomfortable haha! and a bit awkward as well...we are now waiting until after she is born...i usually try and pee before and after and that helps. a while ago they had me on antibiotics for after. and they put me on them again once we knew we would be trying and i couldnt run to the bathroom right afterwards. i dont know why it hurts since i like sex...a lot is mental i have a lot of issues and i also had a pretty abusive relationship before i met my husband but there is a part thats physical as well which i think contributes to some of the mental part. i have always gotten the infections since i started having sex...apparently i am susceptible to them and i think in the back of my ming im always expecting to get one which makes me shut down a little :/