Sharing with family?

A few weeks ago, when I had my first outbreak, I had no idea it was this virus. I mean, how could it be!? I honestly thought it was a staph infection on my bikini line. I went to the doctor, she ran some tests and sure enough, I was positive and now, here we are. But when the doctor called me, I played it like they told me it was staph. I told my mom it was just a bad staph infection. Sometimes I almost really forget what it actually is and that I just had staph!
I'm trying so, so hard not to go crazy by thinking about it all day but I'm also not one to keep secrets. This is different though. I haven't told anyone.
If I have another outbreak though, I'll have to tell my mother I got the spots again. And normal people don't get staph infections randomly, multiple times a year...
Should I ever tell her? How would one even come about such a process?

Rubydear: I have had herpes for 17yrs and when I found out that I had herpes I told my mother, now as a mother myself I would want my daughter to tell me if she had a STD. Your mother will be worried more so if you keep telling her it's a staph infection because MRSA is on the rise in the general public and hospitals, and being an EMS worker I would choose herpes any day over staph/mrsa because the last two can kill you. Pick a time to talk to her about it when it's just the two of you at home, she will be happy to know that her daughter loves and truts her enough to tell her something so very private and personal.