She is... ME!

I look at her through the mirror,
She looks back at me,
Who is she?
Who am I?
As I stand and state at her,
She stares back,
She knows that I am judging her,
Her hips,
Her thighs,
Her cheat,
Her stomach,
Her bum,
Her arms,
The bags under her eyes, the lifeless look in her face,
Her whole being,
She is so ugly, so fat, so worthless!
She is... ME!!

i'm sorry you feel that way yet you describe exactly how i feel too.
does ED suck, or what?

thanks for sharing, lace, sometimes being shocked can wake you up. hopefully.


I couldn’t have said it better Maedi, that is 100% how I feel.

It does suck... BIG TIME!!!

This poem makes me sad because it describes exactly how I feel. ED definitely sucks and makes me feel horrible, degraded, ashamed, ugly, disgusting, fat, etc. I can't wait until I get through recovery and can look back at poems like this and realize I no longer feel this way! Thank you for sharing lace, it's a really powerful poem :)

Hey Lace,
Thanks for sharing...sound like there's a lot of anger and hurt in there. Are you seeking help for your ED? Yes EDs suck, but the great thing about you and everyone is that no matter how hard it tries to beat you, you can beat it and win.

i know you feel like this, but let me tell you, you are none of those things that is your ED voice saying that so you'll stay with it. I sometimes think an ED is like a bad boyfriend...he wants you to believe all those bad things so you'll feel bad and won't be strong enough to walk away...but here's the can walk's difficult...but there is a way.
Love to you
Moongal x

i feel the same way , ugh....sad but true...some days are better than others though--but i look at myself with critical eyes is getting a tad better that is good.

but i can totally relate to how you feel but KNOW iti s a lie and that the opposite is true--you are beautiful, lovely, not fat , incredible and wonderful!!! and so very worthy!!!

dont listen to EDs dumb tactics



Your able to express yourself through your poetry so well. I can really feel your emotions in this. I'm hoping that we can do that tea when i'm back on home land over Christmas...I'll sent you a message about it. You are so beautiful...the mirror lies but I don't. XX

where else could we find that many people understanding such thoughts about ourselves? i'm glad to have that yet it makes me so sad that you all feel that way when all i can see are incredibly beautiful women inside and out!!!

you are all amazing, not matter what ED tells you! he's the biggest liar i've ever met in my life. what a *******...

love you all!

Sad, but true (I mean, about how we all feel, not about you looking the way that you think you!) Well done, well done.