She was my first relationship

Hi, just ranting a bit. But I recently broke up with my girlfriend of 1 year. We got to know each other through a mutual friend for a year, and It had grown into something more. We were long distance, which was new to me. She was also my first girlfriend. I’m grateful I got to know her and love her, I still do. I miss her presence so much, It comes in waves, and I get high most of the time to cope. Although we decided to still be friends, I’m not sure I’ll ever not love her.

But I wish her the best and hopefully we stay close. I just feel really alone because she was my whole world for that year. Any and all free time I had was dedicated to talking to her. I got so used to checking my phone that I habitually look at my phone. Only this time, there are no notifications.
Now that we are on no contact, I feel really lonely. I don’t connect with anyone online, and my in person friends all have their other friends or partners, so I try not to spam them a lot, but I’m slowly becoming really depressed. Especially with things at home getting worse.