Shopping Addict and I need Help

I am just coming to recognize that I have a shopping addiction. Is there anyone here who can help me to open up about my spending to my loved ones and to get back on the right track?

There are several things that you can do to gain control of your overshopping. One book that I highly recommend is “To Buy or Not to Buy”, by April Benson. It had helped me a great deal in looking at how my compulsion started and gives concrete steps for getting it under control. There’s even an online program that goes with the book - for a fee, of course. I’m working that program now. Another thing that you can do is attend some virtual Debtor’s Anonymous meetings. Many members are compulsive shoppers - that’s what got them into debt. DA offers a 12-step program and lots of support to get out of debt and stay out of debt. You don’t have to be in debt to join - just have a desire not to be in debt. Finally, there’s Clutterer’s Anonymous. The also have virtual Zoom meetings - just Google them. You become a clutter most likely because you’re a compulsive shopper. This is also a 12-step program. It’s extremely helpful if you’ve let your belongings take over your home, etc. Plenty of help is available if you need it. I invite you to write to me via this website - just reply to my reply. I understand, have been there, am doing better now, and am happy to support you on your way to more mindful spending.