Shopping Addiction lasting more than 14 years, searching for help

Hello, I found this site in hopes to connect with people and find support. I have had a shopping addiction for over 14 years. I’ve never saved anything and I spend all my money the second it’s in my hands. I bought $400 worth of skincare in a day and I am in debt that I don’t even know the specifics of. I’m overwhelmed, sad and alone. My boyfriend of 10 years is over it. Does anyone else relate to this? If you do, what helps you?

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First, therapy, you have to find out the why before you can fix this.
Second, look into free debt resources, Dave Ramsey, Suze Orman
Third, get rid of your cards, block shopping sites, go to a cash only system

This isn’t easy, but you have to find out why you have a whole in your heart and why shopping for things you don’t need, nor can afford is what helps fill it. Hugs and welcome.

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getting some help is important i believe, it is hard to do it alone, not impossible but hard. I second getting in resources that CKBlossom mentioned. They are very helpful. it helps alot and can often find others in the same boat.

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Hi. You need to know the reason to this addiction first. Then list all the negative sides to it; what you could’ve done with this money instead, how you’re not that satisfied and feeling regret when you get the order, how much time it’s taking from you when you could do other things, what is your future self going to think about your younger self spending her time and money this way… There’s nothing to be ashamed of. Just know that only you can heal it. Try to surround yourself with people, go out a little more maybe, even by yourself. And I’m here if you need to talk.

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