Shopping addiction

I’m wheelchair bound so online shopping is easiest mist accessible way for me is online. With credit cards one click is all. Started normal every now and then. Now buy almost everything online I need. Has become buying what I want now. A lot of credit card debt l make parents but that gets you nowhere miss 1 your I trouble. I started bow if I have the money to cover it most of times, but still so easy to order stuff. I’m behind in debt, mostly make the payments due date. Happy whebhave a package waiting for me. I’m a loner at home a lot and gas to leave is another expinse. I’m replacing my happiness with packages and can’t continue adding debt. I started a better rd recently but adds and websites are everywhere. Any1 suffer from this addiction also. Like I almost can’t stop. Can someone relate to being wheelchairboun and how easy it is to compulsively buy tons of smaller packages almost like a drug. Highlight of my day always checking the tracking numbers.

Hi @Brad82. I am so sorry that this is going on. We are here for you. Having a shopping addiction can be really challenging so we hope you know that you aren’t alone.