Shopping Addiction

Hello, I am new to this group, and I am looking for help on how to stop buying things I do not need. I am sure we are all here for the same reason, if there is anyone here that have had success getting out of this hole, please share what had help. Any advise can help.

i’m not necessarily a person that’s been in that hole before. excuse the unsolicited advice from me. however, depending on what it is, like at least device wise ( and if it’s digital you’re doing your buying from) there’s a fairly simply way you can disable sites so you can’t use them. i used it before to block some sites taking a lot of time and energy away from me. not sure if it helps, but you can look into:
-blocking domains on windows using built in “hosts” feature
-using ublock origin to disable connections to sites
-using cold turkey blocker to disable access to sites
-using leechblock to disable sites.
back when i was really lacking on my self control i used all these at the same time, and any time i had a lapse in judgement it was borderline impossible to open any unhelpful sites, which buys enough time for rational thinking to kick in.
again, not sure if it helps, but putting this here just in case. feel free to DM if you need help setting any of it up. works best on firefox, by the way, and cold turkey and ublock origin are super user friendly and easy to set up. feel free to give it a try, hope all goes well :slight_smile: